A reflection of the colorful autumn leaves in the still water.

Autumn Reflection - Canvas Print

Size (Inches)
Frame Thickness
Edge Design
  • Your photo canvas prints should stay in great condition if treated with reasonable care. Printed with UV and light-resistant inks, the best way to keep them in top shape is to remove dust occasionally with a slightly damp cloth and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or excess moisture.

    • Do not expose your print to direct sunlight
    • Avoid environments with high moisture levels
    • Occasionally remove dust with a slightly damp cloth
    • Support your canvas from underneath when cleaning
    • Do not try to manually laminate your canvas
  • How to Hang a Small Canvas Print:

    • Step #1 - Hammer two nails into the wall close together
    • Step #2 - Affix a sawtooth hanger to top stretcher bar at the back
    • Step #3 - Rest sawtooth hanger on nails

    How to Hang a Large Canvas Print:

    • Step #1 - Hammer two nails into the wall (not too close)
    • Step #2 - Affix D-rings to either side of the frame at the back
    • Step #3 - Thread the cord through D-rings and tie together
    • Step #4 - Rest one length of the cord on nails
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