The sunset over Pymatuning Lake as taken through an American flag. The sun and its reflection on the water formed a luminescent cross.


Pymatuning Lake is a large man-made reservoir on the border between Oho and Pennsylvania.

One Nation Under God - Framed Photo Print

Size (Inches)
Frame Color
  • A Framed Photo Print is a wall decor item fit for a gallery. The oblique cut of the passe-partout and the solid-white card-stock together create a look that rivals any top-end art exhibit. The photo in the frame is covered with a flawless Plexiglas sheet which adds to its premium appeal.

    The photo will be given that real gallery look when it’s displayed as a top-class photo in a frame.

    Pick a frame color that matches the dominant shades of your photo, or one that plays off them with a daring pop of contrast! The right frame will lift your photo to new aesthetic heights, making it the focal point of any room. Choose the perfect coloring for your framed photo from a variety of options, including sophisticated pure colors and wood finishes for a delightfully warming effect!

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